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Karaoke from my birthday night brought to you by alcohol.

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In an unexpected turn of events, while my sister and her boyfriend were in town over the weekend for my birthday, he got a job here as a personal trainer/hockey coach. 
This was kinda my fault I guess.
Her boyfriend used to play hockey professionally and he was looking for a job. After hearing this (as it was my first time meeting him though they’ve been together for a few months now) I brought up someone with a similar history that I know.
They connected, got to talking and worked it all out.
SO within the next few weeks the pair of them will be moving here.

Truly, I’m happy about that.
And I’m happy for my sister.
For the first time in her adult life she seems entirely content.  And this guy, Ryan, he seems to possess a kind of stillness that works well to balance out  the parts of her that are completely wired.

He’s also a single dad of a little girl who is a year and a half old. My sister seems to really like and be committed to that family aspect of him. And I’ve warned her to make sure that she is before she brings herself entirely in.
Any single parent is not wanting to be bringing people in and out of their child’s life. They want stability and someone who not only understands the demands of parenthood but is willing and wanting to engage.

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I turned 33 yesterday

& I had the kind of weekend that almost floats above any kind of description. It took me from a night spent nestled deep in the mountains on Friday night with a person who makes me feel like I’m 10 feet tall and made of stars and then back home again where I had the most wonderful birthday that I can remember. 

Saturday was dinner with family and a few close friends that lasted until the wee hours of Sunday morning. We talked and ate and laughed and drank and sang. I was spoiled beyond imagining with gifts and time and love. Anna, as she does every year, gave me the most delightful handmade card. And as always she filled it with drawings and expressions of sweetness. 
Early in the day I took her upstairs and showed her all the cards that she had given me over the years, the first one from when she was 3 years old. She thought that was fun and was happy I had kept them all, as though I’d do anything else.

Today there was a dinner here at the house with friends that weren’t at last nights gathering. I keep thinking of these people who are so kind and loving and invested in me and I feel like the absolute luckiest girl in the world. 

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"Some people care about their work lasting forever – I have little interest in it. You probably know that great story about Bob Hope. His wife came to him and said, "There’s two plots available at Forest Lawn. One looks at some beautiful cypress trees, one looks over the valley. Which do you think you’d prefer?" He said, "Surprise me."
- Leonard Cohen