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I’ve been having such a great summer with Anna. Every day we make a point to go and discover another part of the area that one of us has heard of or read about
Today we found an amazing hot spring located about 40 minutes outside of town. We got there, pushed through some trees and tall grass and found we were the only people there.
The water was perfect. The sun was warm.
I love spending time with this kid. She’s growing up so fast and is so bright and creative and hilarious.

When we came back into town we went for lunch and then did some shopping at a few of the local shops in the centre of town. Anna pulled a handful of toonies from her pocket and bought herself some lipgloss. Afterwards she excitedly gifted me with my very own grape flavored lipsmacker heh. Putting it on my lips it smelled and tasted like being 12 years old again.

Tucking her into bed tonight, her worn out and tired from the sun and water and playing, she smiled up at me and said “Today was great.”

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